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Fr. Frog's hiding

Where's Fr. Frog?
Well it seems that the humorless people at the Henson Company took offense that Fr. Frog's formal portrait  that used
 to be here bore a resemblance to their Kermit the Frog wearing a clerical collar.  They sent  me a letter
telling  me to remove the picture.  Fr. Frog has moved into the background so no one can
say he resembles anyone else until a non-offensive picture can be found. 
  However, if you are a clever person you just might be able to make him hop out for a brief appearance to say "Hi!"

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the
chance to work hard at work worth doing." -- Theodore Roosevelt

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much
liberty than those attending too small a degree of it." -- Thomas Jefferson

"How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain
meaning of words!" -- Samuel Adams, to John Pitts, 1776

“When one teaches, two learn.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

Hi ho! Welcome to Fr. Frog's Pad, and to the official Jeff Cooper archive, Steyr Scout Rifle, and Savage Scout Rifle pages. If you're of a conservative/traditional leaning browse around, and enjoy.  If you are of the persuasion (some would call it a perversion) that believes that only the government knows what is best for its citizens, and that those who refuse to work should be able to live off of the efforts of others, these pages may have thoughts and ideas that upset you.

Fr. Frog assumes that as you browse his pages that your pistol is in reach. If not, you must have been asleep during the "Wednesday Lecture" on mind set, and missed the whole point of API-250. BAD! BAD! BAD! You have to buy me a case of beer! (I love Grolsch regular or dark, Negra Modelo, or Guinness. I'm also partial to good single malt Irish Whiskey if you've been really bad.  Dark chocolate will also be accepted as penance.) 

Fr. ("Father") Frog? How the heck did I come by that name? Well, to make a long and boring story a short and boring story, I used to do a pretty mean imitation of Mr. Kermit The Frog, I like the outdoors, I get "hopping" mad at socialists, bleeding-heart liberalism* and abject stupidity (the same things?), I like the color green, and I was very active in, as well as being a Verger in the Episcopal Church for many years, and am now a Deacon in the Lutheran Church (MS).  I'm also a retired hospital chaplain--hence the affectionate "father" (Fr.) title. (Surprisingly, I don't like humidity though--thus my metamorphosis into a desert frog.) I also have another alias which you'll find if you browse around.

My wife Frogette (who also goes by the nickname of Sunpuddle), and I, reside in the low humidity and clean air of the beautiful state of Arizona where we are enjoying the companionship of many good friends--old and new--throughout the state, and three new furperpeople, Hoover, Cooper and Joy who we serve as administrative assistants.  

As a Renaissance Amphibian I have many and varied interests. Scroll down the lists below and visit some of my special areas by clicking on the underlined links. Additional links may be added as time permits.  I frequently post updates, new information, and corrections, so check back often to see what's new, and please

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Be of stout heart and good cheer,

Fr. Frog

Cross of St. George (2k jpg)

(The Cross of St. George)

The king was told that the enemy was coming but he had plenty of time to prepare. He denied it. Much later he was told the enemy is closer and they still had time to arm themselves, but he said he didn't believe it. The enemy overran his castle and killed him. His final words were, "I didn't think they were serious."  

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be
in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

Fr. Frog's Personal Pages The Scout Rifle Pages
Fr. Frog's Shooting Pages The Jeff Cooper Pages

Fr. Frog's Personal Pages

A Brief Message from Fr. Frog

Fr. Frog on "Close Range Interpersonal Crisis Management"  Looking out for #1 Fr. Frog's Hero - Theodore Roosevelt  
Be sure to check out the Rough Riders link!
Fr. Frog on Food
The gourmet amphibian
Fr. Frog on Religion
Some thoughts on faith in action
The National Anthem - All 4 verses
For those of you who don't know them.
Fr. Frog on Theology and Faith
Some theological thoughts
Fr. Frog's Favorite Wise and Witty Sayings
A new   batch
  posted March 2018 
Fr. Frog Recommends Looking for some good vendors and customer service? This is a page of non-shooting related companies.
If I Were King  
Things would be changed around here!
Fr. Frog's Collection of Profound Thoughts
Some things from various sources to  make you think
Fur People Fr. Frog Has Known
Some of his best friends
Battleship NJ (BB-62)
(One of the few good things associated with NJ)
There Ought to be a Law! The rants of an annoyed amphibian.  (I bet some of these get to you too.) Rules
Fr. Frog's guidelines for the real world
The Bill of Rights
For those of you who have never read it... or for those who would like to read it again
The Declaration of Independence
The document that started it all.
Thoughts on E-mail
Guidelines on the use of email 
Thoughts on Disaster Survival
(Some comments about hurricanes Katrina & Sandy)
Fr. Frog's "For Sale" Page  
Odds-n-ends from the recesses of the Swamp, as of 2017-02-22 
Fr. Frog is looking for...  Please check this out
Maybe you can help Fr. Frog.  As of 2017-06-24
Interesting Words
A list of interesting words that just have "that sound."  Amaze and befuddle your associates!
Thoughts on Web Sites
The good, the bad, and the ugly of website design
Life's Truisms & Other Thoughts
A random collection 
Police Protection?  So you think that the police have a duty to protect you?  Think again!
T-shirts & Bumper Stickers
Things that have caught my eye.
Thoughts on Digital Cameras
What you really need.
AG-Tronic / Powermate Generator Information
If you have one of the old reliable AG-Tronic or Powermate generators, click here for some useful information.
Things I'd Like To See Them Make
Odds n ends to make life easier.

The Scout Rifle Pages

Steyr Scout Rifle Information
This is THE Steyr Scout information source.  Recommended by the Steyr Mannlicher factory and Steyr Arm, US.  Be sure to check out "Tips & Tricks."
Savage Scout Rifle Information
The second commercial scout rifle.
Savage MKII-FV-SR  
While not a scout rifle this nifty little .22 rimfire rifle deserves its own page.

Fr. Frog's Shooting Pages

Firearms Research, Information Services, and Author Assistance
 Click this link if you are interested in locating old American Rifleman articles.

Now available, a complete index of the American Rifleman from 1940 - 2016

I also offer topical collections on CD  from The American Rifleman covering from 1945 to 2002  for the M1, M14, M16, M1911, M1903 Rifle, M1 Carbine, Ballistics/Forensics, and CDs of AR-15/M16 Manuals and information, and US Small Arms TMs. 

 If  you  are a writer and are looking for technical assistance for  firearms related 
material in your  books, or If you are an individual or a researcher and need
assistance with your quest for information,  I can help.  

Ballistics (Internal, External, and Terminal)
A short treatise on the subject
A International Glossary of Small Arms Terms
German, French, Italian, & Spanish
Small Arms Terminology Reference
So you can call things by their right name.
Homemade Cleaners and Lubricants
Alternatives to the high priced spreads
Miscellaneous Questions and Answers 
Check these out!  You may find the answer you've been
looking for!  Lots of new stuff!  
229 questions & answers covering 9 areas of shooting.  2017-06-16
Testing Your Shooting skills   So you  think you're a "hot" shot?  Does one of your friends brag what a great shot he is?  Try some of these simple tests and get out the humble pie.
An Investigation of Bore Cleaners
Cutting through the hype 
Thoughts on the Shotgun
Using the common tool
Thoughts on the Power of the Rifle
How much gun is enough
The Modern Techniques of Shooting
Doing it right
Thoughts on Firearms Safety
It's between the ears
Developing an Accurate Load
The easy way
Fr. Frog Recommends Looking for some good vendors and customer service for your shooting needs?  Now with a page of non-shooting related companies. The "Gospel" of John (Browning) A semi- humorous look at what's wrong with today's pistols.
Patron Saints of Shottists
Information on saints of interest to shooters
Course Layout Aid for Visio™ Users
A tool for designing courses of fire
Protecting Our Children  Some thoughts on firearms in schools Gun Manners - Some thoughts on being a gentleman or lady shottist.
The Gunsite Color Code
The original word on this mindset tool
The Dumbing Down of the American Shooter
What's wrong in the shooting sports
If you are a Gunsite "family" member this should bring back sleepless nights. 
Thoughts on Range Estimation
The truth about just how far away that target is.
Some Practice Drills to Keep You Sharp
You won't rise to the occasion, you'll default to your level of training.
Some Thoughts on the Manipulation of the Bolt Action Rifle A discussion of the proper use of the bolt action rifle.
The World's Biggest Army
Something for those who would try and take our freedoms to ponder.
The Gunsite Code of Offenses  The "codes" we all feared in the early days of API / Gunsite.
H&R "LEATHERNECK" Takedown Information
If you've been searching, here it is.
Ballistics Gelatin  Info on sources and proper preparation for wound ballistics testing
The 6.8 x 43 (6.8 SPC) Cartridge
The successor to the 5.56?
Ballistic Coefficient Tables
Commercial and military ballistic coefficient tables from numerous manufacturers.  G7 updated 2012-04-18
Living With the AR Platform Rifle System
Some thoughts and suggestions for getting the most from your AR/M16 from a variety of sources, as well as some interesting information.  If you own an AR you should read this.
Living With a Chronograph
Tips, tricks, and trouble shooting for chronograph owners of all brands.
Zeroing Strategies for the AR Platform
Thoughts on the best zero to use.
Living With PressureTrace 
Tips, tricks, and trouble shooting for PressureTrace owners.
"Slam Fires"
An investigation of slam fires and the AR platform (but applicable to other arms).  If you reload for the AR read this.
Dangerous Places
States to avoid staying in or traveling through if you are a gun owner or display "gun friendly" stickers and patches.
Living With .22 RF Conversion Units
Some info on keeping these handy training devices  working
Goodies For Reloaders
Some of Fr. Frogs recommended accessories that will make life easier, but that won't break your bank account.
Living With a Powder Scale
Tips, tricks, and trouble shooting for digital and balance beam powder scales
Some Thoughts on Being Armed
Being a responsible armed citizen.
The Health Benefits of Shooting
Shooting your way to better health.

The Jeff Cooper Pages

A tax exempt foundation providing scholarships for firearms training in the Cooper tradition,
and  preserving his writings and his personal collections for posterity.

The Jeff Cooper Page  One of the greatest shottists and teachers of the 20th century (May 10, 1920 - Sep 25, 2006) The Jeff Cooper Bibliography Project  
A complete listing of all his writings.
Jeff Cooper Books
A complete listing of his books.
The Gunsite Alumni E-mail Group
For students of API / Gunsite

Eulogies For Jeff Cooper
Some comments on his passing from many of his friends

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* The term "liberal" is quite misused these days. In actuality, "liberal" means standing for fewer restrictions and more individual freedoms.  Unfortunately, as used today, it stands for those  who despise liberty and freedom.  They are pathological control freaks that want to obliterate the mere suggestion of any thought that would undermine their bloated and unwarranted sense of self-worth, who want to have the government control all aspects of its citizen's lives and thoughts, to provide everything for them under the guise of "protecting" them from all harm or "hardship.  They want to distribute  the earnings of those who work hard to to get ahead to those who are too lazy to better themselves"--more properly called socialism than liberalism. The "bleeding hearts" I talk about are those who moan and groan when anyone suggests that people show some self-responsibility for their own actions and care, or a little self-reliance, and who also seem to fear those who do try to take control of their own lives and carry their own weight.

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"He who goes unarmed in paradise
had better be sure that is where he is." -- James Thurber

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